The Great Lakes Lacrosse League (GLLL) is a regional organization of non-varsity men's club field lacrosse programs in the Midwestern United States. The GLLL was founded in 2004 to provide a competitive league for teams in the Midwest who want to play in

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Have You Ever Played In A Big 10 Tournament?


The year we were at PURDUE 2007-08 ?? Hmmm…I WAS THERE - Illinois beat a NON BIG10 team Ohio University saving the trophy from another conference.

Another year in Champaign-Urbana - I WAS THERE - Penn State earned a spot in the title game not but a field schedule issue, day of travel and timing well…WE GOTTA GO HOME… took over and STILL DON'T REMEMBER WHO WON …LOOK MY MEMORY IS BAD…BUT NO RECORDS KEPT - that is why the GLLL is wanting to provide a home in our league to carry on a tradition and Battle for the SECOND SEASON CHAMPIONSHIPS.

We have put together an Organizing Committee of local/national lacrosse notoriety who are helping set up events along with attending the event. One question for the group WHOSE NAME WILL BE ON THE 2016 TROPHY  inscribed with and presented to each year’s winner. Only with your help can the GLLL make this tournament a HISTORICAL EVENT.

We have grown to 44 teams in 8 states…maybe it is time to join us in Chicago and let’s create a partnership among the BIG10 Universities especially those in D1 play. I would like to invite a few representatives to join me to create an Advisory Group I need party planners with style.

The GLLL with the help of those on the Advisory Group will help us move the location from university to university supporting the home team in 2017 and beyond.  LET'S CARRY ON THE TRADITIONS HELP US CREATE A NEW PATH…participate in this event staring in 2016 and beyond.


Game Registration Fees: $700 or $800 after 9/15. There is a $100 discount per tournament for each GLLL team. Registering for more than one tournament will get a one-time $100 discount.


Contact Hal Rosenberg < > cell  608-772-4298 or use the online registration forms.


The Great Lakes Lacrosse League has created a full ‘FALL BALL’ SECOND SEASON.  JOIN US… 






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